Landscape Walls Potomac MD

Retaining Wall Landscapers in Potomac, MD

Landscape Walls Potomac MD At TREC Roofing & Remodeling, we focus on functional, yet aesthetically pleasing landscape walls. Retaining walls can be used for many different reasons. We have built custom landscape walls all around the Potomac, Maryland, area and have made our clients’ outdoors better in many ways. We aim to go give our customers landscape walls and paver installations that they can enjoy for years to come. If you need retaining wall landscapers, look no further than the retaining wall landscapers at TREC.

A landscape wall is designed to resist lateral earth but is often installed for decorative purposes as well. Retaining walls add not only function but are stylishly designed for any landscape. They are great for holding up raised flower beds or for holding decorative potted plants or for keeping stones and dirt out of patios or pool decks. They have many uses and are easily installed to make a beautiful, finished look.

Paving Stones With Class

After we’ve measured your yard, completed the design work, and marked the building site with flags, you’ll get to choose which materials you’d like to use. TREC Roofing & Remodeling installs backyard pavers manufactured by Cambridge Pavers for their industry-leading quality, as well as their eye-catching design and color options. With these patio pavers in place, you’ll enjoy the look of a gorgeous outdoor space for many years to come.

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